This is ZAHIAS! "Ah, the ARTIST! I saw you in the paper today."

Well, well, well, writing a band biography is quite a pain in the arse, but I'll try anyway. Art and I (I'm the other Art) met at a very young age. Can't remember what age. 11 or 17, something like that. I remember sitting on the sidewalk in front of my mother's former kindergarten, playing my Bengal Throwing Sitar and thinking about the meaning of thirst-inducing pretzels, when Art came along. He liked what I was playing, cause, as he put it, it reminded him of "the silent sound of snowflakes, especially in June". I said, "And your face reminds me of that guy who wrote the score for Seinfeld!" "Really?", he said, "well, then let's make music together!" And that's basically where we took off and where we are today - playing music that we don't know how to describe and that nobody cares about. BUT THAT IS GONNA CHANGE! Cause you can steal this music! Well, not really. You can take it, cause we just give it away. For free. Just let us know what you think about it. That's enough as a reward. Enjoy Zahias and live on.